Made In Charleston

In 2014, Old South Carriage put a contemporary twist on our horse-drawn carriages. We began converting our fleet of wooden carriages to a carbon-fiber composite material similar to that used in Boeing’s 787 jetliner. Our reasoning? If it’s good enough for Boeing, it’s good enough for us! The result is a lighter weight, more durable carriage which requires much less maintenance than its wooden predecessor. With this innovation, we successfully increased the level of comfort for both our horses and passengers while preserving the look, feel, and authenticity of our original carriages. 


Our 16-passenger surrey carriage includes four rows of comfortable foam padded leather seats with back rests. A hardy rooftop protects guests from intense sunshine or rain.

The material of composite fiberglass components is manufactured by Cutting Edge Technologies in Summerville, SC. Other materials come from 20 different companies, 15 of which operate in the Lowcountry. These lightweight materials create a comfortable experience for both horse and passenger.


Old South Carriage operates efficiently! Solar panels are inlayed on the rooftops of our 16-passenger carriages to power lighting throughout the vessel. The carriage is equipped with solar-powered LED lighting on the internal and edge of the base.